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Our Eocortex Products

Eocortex is a global manufacturer of Video Management Software with AI-based Analytics.

All elements are created by Eocortex team to provide VMS and advanced AI-based Analytics in a single product designed to make sure all components are easy to setup and use.

Established in 2008, today Eocortex company is represented by more than 5000 partners in over 85 countries, where they implemented over 15 000+ CCTV projects. As a result, now more than 1 million cameras all around the world are operating with Eocortex VMS on board.

20 own developed video analytics modules designed to make sure all components work stable with each other for better accuracy. Eocortex own developed analytics including

are perfectly integrated with Eocortex VMS and the company is constantly integrating new ones. If there is a camera nonintegrated yet, Eocortex team provides fast and free of charge integration.

–°onnect an unlimited number of cameras and servers to the system, as well as combine different systems based on Eocortex, making the system easily scalable. All components of Eocortex are designed to work with each other in the most efficient way - reducing the amount of required servers and cost of the system.

Reservation and backup features allow not to lose a second of archive or monitoring to stable and safe operation of your systems.


User-friendly interface allows to set up Eocortex in 15 min. and manage the system even for non-trained users.

Eocortex Customizations All additional developments if required for your projects are performed by our dedicated development team free of charge.

Key Features

Continuously to provide Integrated security solutions for all industry, and to enhanced the performance.

Highly Security & Solutions

Our products has been chosen and reliable to provide high security by its ability and to ensure that you can meet all of your existing and future security challenges.

Full Device Protection

The facilities that can never be left unattended, the protection to keep the data safe is one of the advantages of our product, including from human error or hazardous and challenging environments.

Remote Monitoring

Accessible anywhere and anytime to keep your eyes on it. To keep your job full of responsibility whenever you have others task to be done.

Full Backup of Information

The files that are duplicated during the full backup process are designated beforehand by a backup administrator or other data protection specialist.